At the Court of Ancona the Specialised Section on Business and IP Law for the Marche Region

As known, the recent amendement of Italian Law Decree 168/2003, that established the “Specialised Sections for IP Law”, has expanded the competences of these Sections also over Company Law (included LLC) and changed their name into “Specialized Sections for Business Law”.

From the initial12 venues we now have 19 (one for each Court established in each Regional Capital). For Marche Region the designated Court is that of the city of Ancona, which is already structured and organized to handle the volume of lawsuits that before the reform have been fully absorbed by the Court of Bologna.

The assignment of trials to Judges specialized in the field of IP and Company Law, as well as the separate management of files and hearing calendars, should ensure a faster processing of cases.

But watch out for the filing fees: the costs are exactly two times those of the ordinary lawsuits.

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