Letter of Intent for the distribution of patented products

According to the USA Law of Contracts, as well as for the Italian and European […]

The USITC (United States International Trade Commission) fixes Guidelines for compatible inkjet cartridges importation

As a result of the lawsuits filed by Epson to stop the importation of third […]

Microsoft patents the “picture password”

It seems they were working on it for a long time: a new PC protection […]

Unitary Patent is going to be less expensive and more effective

As known, last december 11th the EU Parliament, after over 30 years of talks, approved […]

At the Court of Ancona the Specialised Section on Business and IP Law for the Marche Region

As known, the recent amendement of Italian Law Decree 168/2003, that established the “Specialised Sections for […]

New mega-fine for Microsoft for non-compliance with browser choice commitments

Today Microsoft has been fined €561.000.000,00 by EU Commission for failing to comply with its […]